GymFun and Gym Skills

GymFun is designed to focus on the importance of fundamental movement patterns that will assist in your child’s development.

Specifically designed for children aged 5-8 years old, GymFun will see your child progress from the basic skills, to more advanced skill and activities, all while maintaining the fun element and encouraging children to get involved and continue to learn.

All aspects of the program are safe and encourage your child to work with other participants, building important team-work and interpersonal skills.


GymSkills has been specifically designed for children aged 8-12 years old.

The program is focused on engaging children in an enjoyable skill-based recreational gymnastics program, where they will further develop their movement skills while also improving their fitness base.

As with previous LaunchPad programs, GymSkills ensures that your child will have the opportunity to develop important fundamental movement skills that benefit not only their gymnastics potential but also their lifestyle and other sports they may be participating in.

AeroFun and AeroSkills

AeroFun and AeroSkills provide participants with an exciting taste of what Aerobic Gymnastics has to offer.

With AeroFun and AeroSkills specifically designed for 5-8- and 8-12-year old’s respectively, the programs allow participants to gain an improved understanding of Aerobics all while having fun.

Each program has a set of six lesson plans, which build on skills learnt from the previous week’s lessons, with the ultimate aim to have participants perform a complete Aerobics routine while incorporating elements of effort, space, time, objects and people.

The AeroFun and AeroSkills programs lead interested, budding gymnasts into a competitive form of Aerobics, called AeroSchools.

FreeG Kids

Designed to capture the excitement and fast pace of Ninja Warrior, FreeG is a new and rapidly developing activity which encourages participants to use traditional gymnastics equipment in new ways, drawing on influences from martial arts, free-running, parkour, tricking and breakdance.

Classes provide the opportunity for participants to find new and creative uses for traditional gymnastics apparatus and skills, or to combine various apparatus into a series of impressive obstacles.

As with all LaunchPad Gymnastics programs, FreeG Kids sessions focus on teaching children fundamental movement skills using fun and engaging sequential activities that build on the existing skills and knowledge of each participant.