Disciplinary Register 

The Disciplinary Register (Register) records disciplinary sanctions made against an individual and/or organisations who have received or are currently under a sanction issued by Gymnastics Australia (GA), Sport Integrity Australia (SIA), the National Sports Tribunal (NST) and/or the FIG Ethics Foundation.  

These sanctions may prohibit an individual or organisation/s from accessing a Gymnastics Australia affiliated club, affiliated athletes, or training/competition venue and/or from participating in endorsed activities for the duration of the sanction. 

Current Sanctions
Date Name Disciplinary Summary Breach Sanction
Friday 22 April 2022  Belinda White (SA) This disciplinary matter relates to an investigation undertaken by Sport Integrity Australia in accordance with the Supplementary Complaints Management Policy (SCMP) and subsequent sanctioned applied to Ms White by SIA regarding a complaint by a gymnast.
Breach 1: Bullying and victimisation with intent to intimidate in accordance with GA's Member Protection Policy (Version 12) - Attachment B1: Code of Ethics.  The coach's Technical Membership is suspended or a period of six (6) months, three (3) months of which is suspended pending completion of a three (3) month reintegration period.

The coach is also required to provide a written apology to the Complainant. 
Tuesday 31 May 2022  The coach      This case related to complaints made by a gymnast against a coach and was brought to the NST under Gymnastics Australia’s Supplementary Policy for the Management of Complaints relating to conduct covered by the 20/21 Australian Human Rights Commission Review into Gymnastics in Australia. The case was substantively settled prior to arbitration, with Disciplinary Measures imposed on the coach. The NST determined that Gymnastics Australia is permitted to publish the outcome of the matter in a limited manner as specified in the Determination. 
19 January 2022 Peggy Liddick This disciplinary matter relates to an NST appeal of sanctions applied to Ms Liddick by SIA regarding a number of complaints by a former gymnast.

The NST upheld two allegations
Breach 1 – Harassment in accordance with GA’s Member Protection Policy (Version 3) - Clause 3.6.

Breach 2 – Harassment and a failure to be considerate, in breach of GA’s Member Protection Policy (Version 5) - Clause 8.4 and Attachment B1: General Code of Behaviour, Items (2) and (10)
Ms Liddick’s Technical Membership is suspended for a period of four (4) months from 19 January 2022, however the suspension is wholly suspended for a period of 2 years from above date, subject to Ms Liddick not breaching any relevant Policy within that period (whether such breach is found proved during or after the end of the 2-year period). 

Ms Liddick is also required to provide a written apology to the Complainant.

Gymnastics Australia will not publish on this list the names of individuals who are ineligible for Working with Children Checks (or equivalent). Information regarding an individual’s Working with Children Check status or information regarding a specific state or territory requirements can be found here

This list, and WWCC verification, should be considered as part of pre-employment screening, in addition to all other requirements within the Gymnastics Australia Child Safeguarding Policy

Gymnastics Australia makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information contained on this list is accurate at the time of its creation and/or modification.