National Commission

Women’s Gymnastics is governed by Gymnastics Australia with the competitive program being provided through the Australian Levels Program.

Components of this are the Foundation Program, National Levels Program and the International Levels Program. 

Gymsport National Commission

The National Levels Program is governed by Gymnastics Australia in consultation with the volunteers on the National Commission. The current Commission members are engaged from 2022 through to 2024.

Technical Director:  Heidi Rose (VIC)
Judging Coordinator:  Trisha Hade (QLD)
Project Coordinator:  David Hill (VIC)
Project Coordinator - Gymsport Growth:  Marnie Heming (NSW)
Project Coordinator - Education:  Desiree Jones (WA)
Project Coordinator - High Performance:  Josh Fabian (ACT)
Ex Officio:  Lynne Sheehan (GA)

The Commission meet on a regular basis, items for their agenda can be requested via your State/Territory office or emailed directly to the Gymsport Manager, Lynne Sheehan, at [email protected]. The Technical Director and Judging Coordinator can be found at Australian Championships and National Clubs events.

High Performance Program

The International Levels Program is delivered by Gymnastics Australia’s High Performance staff.  Refer to the High Performance section for comprehensive information.


Technical Regulations

Visit the By-laws, Policies and Technical Regulations page to download a copy of the Women's Artistic Gymnastics Technical Regulations.

Commission Updates