The AeroDance routines consist of traditional Aerobic Movement Patterns (AMP) and one 32 count block of a significantly different dance style (eg Latin, lyrical, hip hop). Additionally the routines include four (4) difficulty elements or skills.

Gymnastics Australia introduced AeroDance divisions to cater for beginner and lower level athletes. These divisions are underpinned by an AeroDance Resource with compulsory routines, embedded within the AeroSchools resource. There are two divisions:

  • Division 1 - fully choreographed routines
  • Division 2 - optional choreography in the dance component

​​This development of the AeroDance strand meets Australian Curriculum expectations of both Health and Physical Education and Dance, with the facilitation of lifelong physical activity fostered through creative movement, body awareness, and technical and expressive skills.

The exploration of different dance styles and elements enables students to develop choreographic and performance skills. Additionally the dance component enriches the appreciation of cultural diversity, while enhancing personal and social skills through team sizes of 5 – 10 athletes.

Please note: 2018-19 has had minor updates (as at 03.07.18).