Rules and Regulations for Judges

The Judge Education Framework and Accreditation Policy

This Judge Education Framework and Accreditation Policy sets out the policy for the following:

  • Gaining and maintaining a GA Gymsport accreditation
  • Gymsport pathway
  • What a judge can judge at competition

Judge Education Framework and Accreditation Policy

Updating my accreditation

To renew your technical membership annually you are required to provide evidence of your learning. To do this you need to collect points to show that this has occurred. All the information that you need to know about updating can be found in the Updating Policy or in the updating section of the website.

Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of Prior Learning is only available for an overseas judge who holds a FIG certificate. Follow the steps in the following document to find out more.

You may be eligible for exemptions to some of the GA Judge Accreditation courses. Please contact the State/Territory Association in the State/Territory in which you intend to live in.

You can find out more information about recognition of prior learning in the RPL section of the website.