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2022 Online Judges’ Tests Directives (21 Jan 2022)

Online judges’ tests will begin next week and conclude in March - a second edition of the Test Directives is now available.
2022 Online Judges’ Tests Directives - Sports Dpt. Official Communication (21st December 2021)

Online judges’ tests will begin during the last week of January and conclude in March. Retests, as needed, will be available afterwards. We invite you to read the first edition of the Online Judges’ Tests Directives.
Accreditation Update - 15 December 2021

Judge Accreditations that did not require an upskilling webinar/quiz have had their expiry date extended. The following accreditation have been extended to 31st Dec 2024 - MAG Beg, MAG Int, MAG IntB, WAG Beg, WAG Int, TRP Beg, ACR Beg. The followi
2022-2024 FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics Code of Points Webinar

Thursday 25 November 2021 During the round table that took place at the time of the recent RG World Championships in Kitakyushu (JPN), President Watanabe announced that the FIG would hold an online meeting devoted exclusively to the 2022-202
Judges' courses for the cycle 2022 - 2024 - Sports Dpt. Official Communication

Thursday 21 October 2021 - The FIG Executive Committee has approved a proposal where all Intercontinental Judges’ Courses will be cancelled for this cycle. All certification of judges in all disciplines to begin the new cycle will be done through onl