The Intermediate Coach

Intermediate Coach assessment tasks

Assessment takes place during the on the job experience, online training and face to face course:

  • Intermediate Workbook – successful completion signed by Supervisor
  • Intermediate Online Course – 100% in multiple choice type questions
  • Face to Face Intermediate Course – successfully completing assessment tasks at face to face course



A coach in training for an Advanced Coach accreditation will need a mentor to support training in the workplace. The mentor should:

  • hold an Advanced Coach Accreditation or above and where possible this should be in the same Gymsport as the Intermediate Coach
  • provide supervision and guidance for the trainee Advanced Coach, but does not need to provide direct supervision on a daily basis
  • assist with and undertake workplace assessment tasks with the trainee Advanced Coach
  • ensure the trainee Advanced Coach works within their level of competence
  • exercise a duty of care to the coach and participants.

mentor handbook is provided for your information.

Mentor Handbook
(Adobe PDF File)