Gymsport Pathways

Each Gymsport has a slightly different coach education pathway. There are some common factors:

  • A coach should enter the pathway at beginner level.
  • A coach may be eligible to enter the pathway at a higher level. Please contact your local State/Territory Association if you think you are eligible to be exempt from a level.
  • A coach who already holds a Gymsport Accreditation does not need to complete all components of a different Gymsport Accreditation. Please contact your local State/Territory Association to find out what you need to complete.
  • A coach should coach at their level of competency and in accordance with the conditions of an accreditation. For example a Beginner Coach must coach under supervision. For further information on what a coach can coach, please view the Skills Matrix which is developed by accreditation level and Gymsport.
  • Some course content is the same, and a coach can coach a similar level of skill across all Gymsports. For example a salto can only be coached by an Advanced Coach. To find out more information on course content and the skills matrix select from a button below.


Curriculum - Coaching Theory
(Adobe PDF File)


Gymnastics Australia and the State / Territory Associations run a number of courses and workshops throughout the year. Please ensure that you are clear on the purpose of each course. If you wish to gain an accreditation you need to attend a face to face course which results in the issuing of an accreditation. Some face to face courses are workshops which are for professional learning and updating.

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Download the guide below for details of the courses required to complete a Coaching Accreditation at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.