OneMusic Australia 

OneMusic Australia is an APRA AMCOS and PPCA joint licensing initiative launched in 2019. OneMusic Australia offers joint public performance licences for the use of their music so there is no longer any need for separate licence agreements. The new organisation allows music users to more seamlessly meet their obligations for the public performance of musical works, sound recordings and music videos that are administered by OneMusic Australia and protected by copyright. OneMusic Australia administers the vast majority of the world’s repertoire of commercially released music.

Gymnastics Australia and OneMusic Australia have agreed to a rate for the OneMusic licence, calculated on a per club, per quarter basis, which provides coverage for the use of OneMusic’s music at club locations.  The national music licensing program allows clubs to use OneMusic’s music in public spaces for atmosphere (e.g. reception areas, background music in gyms) and for training (e.g. floor routines, acrobatic performances).

Music is a critical element in all of sport, but particularly in gymnastics.  Under the national music licence agreement with OneMusic, all levels of gymnastics can continue to enjoy and utilise OneMusic’s music every day, while ensuring that music creators and rights holders are appropriately compensated.

Check out the OneMusic Australia website for further information about music licensing in Australia.

New Agreement

The following table provides you with information about the previous agreements (separately with APRA AMCOS and PPCA) that applied to clubs as compared to the coverage under the new agreement with OneMusic Australia:



The Gymnastics Australia OneMusic national licence program is available on a quarterly opt-in basis.  There is no obligation to join the national program.

Please note: that before any club, state Association, territory Association, even Gymnastics Australia itself, can play, perform or copy  music that is protected by copyright, the business owner/organisation must seek permission from the creators, through OneMusic Australia or by other means.

If you want to use OneMusic Australia’s music you must have permission and generally pay a licence fee. If you want access to the largest possible music collection, the OneMusic Australia licence provides the easiest and most cost-effective way to access the vast majority of the world’s repertoire of commercially released music. If you are happier with less choice then there are other options, which may include direct licensing arrangements with copyright owners or solely using music outside OneMusic Australia's vast repertoire.

To opt-in to the national music licensing agreement in 2020, please go to the Club Admin Portal > Club Info tab and ensure the check box is ticked in the OneMusic Opt-In field.  More information.

[Clubs who have previously opted in the APRA AMCOS licensing in 2019 had this Opt-in field automatically checked].


For 2020 and 2021, clubs who opt-in for the quarter will be billed $100.50 (including GST) per quarter.


There are certain events held at your Club that are not covered by the new Gymnastics Australia OneMusic national music licence. Gymnastics events that will need a separate ‘event licence’ are:

  • Club events that charge an entry fee for spectators – Club performances, intra-Club competitions, regional competitions (but not national- or state-level competition or performance events operated and controlled, or sanctioned, by Gymnastics Australia – see below).

    Some things to consider regarding events:

  • Events held at your Club that do not charge an entry fee for spectators will not require a music licence over and above the Gymnastics Australia OneMusic national music licence.
  • For performances at Gymnastics Australia Events that are covered under the national music licensing agreement (national- or state-level competition or performance events operated and controlled, or sanctioned, by Gymnastics Australia), the fee is calculated at $1.54 (including GST) per Entry, where an “Entry” is defined as each performer or group of performers who have been accepted to perform a single contiguous performance or multiple single performances by the same entrant.So, a solo floor routine set to music would attract the $1.54 fee and a group acrobatics performance set to music would attract the same $1.54 fee.
  • For events organised by Gymnastics Australia, the use of background music, national anthems and music for presentations is covered under the ‘per entry’ fee for each event. No further licensing is required.


  1. My club does not use music at all.Do we need to opt-in?

    No, if you don’t use music at all, you don’t need to opt-in. However, If you choose to use music that is protected by copyright (such as OneMusic’s music), even in the background (in the office or reception, etc.), then a licence provides protection against an infringement of the Copyright Act 1968 for using unlicensed music in your business.

  2. State/Territory Associations are not specifically named in GA’s agreement with OneMusic.Does this agreement apply to them?

    Yes.  State/Territory Associations, like clubs, are members of Gymnastics Australia and are considered as ‘clubs’ for the purpose of the agreement.  State/Territory Associations using OneMusic’s music within their business or within their high-performance programs (as will Gymnastics Australia itself) will need to opt-in to the national music licence agreement (unless they have other music licensing arrangements).

  3. If we opt-in to the national music licence agreement with OneMusic, how will my club be billed?

    Clubs will continue to be invoiced by their state/territory association.

  4. I am a YMCA/PCYC/BK club and have been advised that my gymnastics music is licensed through the larger corporate music licence.Do I need to opt-into the national gymnastics’ music program?

    Yes.  OneMusic Australia has confirmed that the use of its music for gymnastics activities are not covered by any other OneMusic music licence agreements, for instance those held by YMCA, PCYC or BK clubs.

  5. We use Spotify as a source of music in our club.Are we permitted to use this music source under the new national music licence?

    According to their Terms of Use, personal/non-commercial digital music services like Spotify can only be used for personal and domestic purposes. However, whatever the source of the music used at your club, if you use OneMusic Australia’s music then you’ll still need a licence from OneMusic to play it in your business.

    In addition, if you copy OneMusic Australia’s music, for instance from one CD to another, or you stream it from a personal/non-commercial digital music service, such as Spotify, then you’ll also need coverage called “Digital Copy/Delivery”. You should be aware that a OneMusic Australia licence, even when it includes Digital Copy/Delivery only gives you permission to use OneMusic’s music in your business (or event); it does not override the Terms of Use for the personal digital music service you are using, nor does it give you permission to use that particular music service for a commercial purpose – that permission can only come from the owners of that service. You may be better to consider a commercially licensed streaming service such as those listed here (

  6. Our club has opted-in to the national music licence program.Do I also need a licence for my club’s annual competition against our local rival club?

    Yes, but only after 1 April 2021 and only if you are selling tickets to that event.  If the event is ticketed but free or not ticketed at all, then no music licence is required for that event over and above the Gymnastics Australia OneMusic national music licence.

  7. What about national or state/territory events?Do these need a music licence?

    Yes.  Regardless of ticketing arrangements, from 1 April 2021 all National and State/Territory events will need to be licensed for the use of OneMusic Australia’s music over and above the Gymnastics Australia OneMusic national music licence.  The licence fee for this additional licence will be based on the number of performances using music at those events.

  8. Does my opting-in to the national music licence program include my ability to use music on my office phone system?

    No, but if your telephone system is using OneMusic Australia’s music then you can secure a OneMusic Australia Telephone on Hold licence separately

  9. Can we use music on our website and/or on our social media content?

    The use of OneMusic’s music on your website is not included in the Gymnastics Australia OneMusic national music licence.

    If you are recording routines with commercial music and posting those videos on social media, then you’ll need to ensure you have a separate ‘synchronisation’ licence for the use of that music in your video. A ‘synchronisation’ licence is needed whenever music is used within an audio-visual production, such as a film, TV show, advertisement, video game, social media video etc. Social media platforms such as YouTube do have licences with rights holders, but those licences DO NOT cover “synchronisations” made for commercial purposes. So, if you use commercial music (you know, the music you hear on the radio) in your video and that video is placed on social media, then it may be ‘taken down’ (that is removed) by the platform if it’s seen as being a video for commercial purposes, like promoting your dance school.

    Getting a “synchronisation” licence for your video using commercial music is often expensive and difficult. However, you can “synchronise” music into your business videos with what’s known as “Production Music” or “Royalty Free” music. Production Music is a low-cost way to get music on your videos and when you play those videos on the vast majority of social media platforms the use is already covered by that platform’s licence, so you don’t need any additional licences (other than the initial “synchronisation” licence). More information about Production Music can be found here

  10. We have the radio playing in the office.Do we need to opt-in to the national music licence program?

    The use of Workplace Music is included as part of the per club rate under the Gymnastics Australia OneMusic national music licence. If playing the radio in the office is the only use of OneMusic’s music at your business, then may also be eligible for OneMusic’s complimentary licence. More information here

  11. My club has been impacted by COVID-19 related restrictions and is only able to offer online lessons. Does the national OneMusic licence agreement cover music use in this scenario?

    Yes, provided that the classes are open only to members (or prospective members) in a closed environment, not on a public server (such as Facebook or YouTube), and that the video lessons do not include any third party advertising. GA recommends using a ‘closed’ service such as Zoom, Skype or Webex with the meeting link only shared with club members (or prospective members).

  12. We use the same piece of music repeatedly for one of the competitions within our event.Do we need to pay a licence fee for each performance, or just one fee for that particular choice of music?
    The Gymnastics Australia OneMusic national music licence is based on the number of performances, not based on the number of different pieces of music. So you can use as many or as few different pieces of music as you like and the costs will not differ.

  13. Is background music at a birthday party hosted my Club covered under the OneMusic licence agreement?
    Yes, the OneMusic licence agreement covers background music at Club hosted birthday parties.

For further information on club benefits please contact your State Association.

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